The Masterplan will be a contributory initiative to the overall vision for the CFS which states, “To Establish A Viable and Contiguous or Connected Conservation Area Comprising Both Forest and Non-Forest Areas That Will Be Maintained As The Green Lung of The Environmentally Sensitive Area Network In Peninsular Malaysia.”

The Masterplan will provide the framework for:

  • Linkage strategies in creating connectivity, linking significant forest complexes or forest islands, where primary and secondary linkages are identified.
  • Recommendations or interventions, initiatives and actions to undertake recommended linkage strategies and proposals.
  • Funding and implementation mechanism to facilitate implementation of connective corridors.

The importance and need of connectivity between fragmented forest complexes includes:

  • Conservation of Environment and Biodiversity.
  • Protection and Management of Water Catchments.
  • Exploitation of Nature-based Tourism and Recreational Potentials.
  • Integrated Management of Interstate Forest.
  • Enhancement of International Level Prestige.