Wildlife Crime Hotline: 019 356 4194 / report@malayantiger.net

The 24-hour Wildlife Crime Hotline allows everyone to easily report suspected wildlife crimes.

This means more eyes and ears paying attention, and providing timely information, so that action can be taken against those who threaten wildlife and break the law. Once a report is received, it is instantly channelled to the authorities for action.

The need for a 24-hour hotline is clear; poachers and smugglers don’t work regular office hours.

Here is your chance to help the authorities to catch the bad guys and stop the killing of our precious wildlife.

What information do we need?

1. Nature of the incident (poaching, smuggling, keeping as a pet).

2. Location (name of shop, address, brief directions/landmark).

3. Date and time.

4. Name (optional).

*Images or video footage may assist the investigation


Download the flyer in Pdf version here

Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers

MYCAT is the alliance of the Malaysian Nature Society, TRAFFIC, Wildlife Conservation Society-Malaysia, Wildlife Society of Selangor and WWF-Malaysia, supported by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia for the recovery of wild tiger populations.